Is it a Wall or a River? Social Media Divided Anew Over a Photo

A photo taken after a party is causing an online stir, as social media users argue on whether the background of the image is a wall or a river.

It all started when Jodel, a German app that lets users find out what’s happening in their community, posted the photo of a bench and a table filled with bottles and leftover on its Facebook page. The photo is accompanied by the text that reads, “Is it a wall or a river?” and with a caption which says:

Image from Jodel

“We can’t be certain. The longer you think, the less clear it is what do you think?”

Not too long after, netizens made their guess, but they cannot agree on an answer. Some, however, are confident about what they think the picture was.

One claimed that the photo shows a wall where the plants cast its shadows. One netizen, on the other hand, concluded that it is a river since deck chairs are facing the area in question.

As the said photo went viral, netizens cannot help but be reminded of the picture of a dress which also divided the internet way back in 2016. Some people saw a blue and black dress while some were able to see a white and gold one.

Source: The Sun