International Artists Collaborate to Turn Old Factory Building into a Street of Murals

Nothing is ever wasted if placed in the right hands. This is what the Madrid Street Art Project’s work on Tabacalera illustrates.

Tabacalera is a famous building in Madrid, Spain which served as a former tobacco factory. It is currently covered with beautiful murals as part of the Muros Tabacalera 2016 project.

It is part of the Madrid Street Art Project’s initiative to spread and support urban art through Madrid. The organization brought together about 25 international artists last June and asked them to work with the theme “Urban Natures.”

We want people to reflect on the contemporary city and the kind of life we live — where nature is not present — through art,” Diana, one of the organizers, explained to The Huffington Post in Spain.

Antonyo Marest, one of the artists who participated said that they wanted to transform the derelict building into an outdoor museum.

Muros Tabacalera kicked off in 2014 and has significantly contributed to the revitalization of the Lavapiés neighborhood.

Photo credit: Work by Joni posted on Madrid Street Project
Photo credit: Work by Dingo posted on Madrid Street Project

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