This Woman’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey is Now Viral

The summer season is officially here!

Because of the scorching heat, more and more people are starting to flaunt their hard-earned bikini body. But if you’re still conscious about your physique, then take a leaf out of the book of this woman.

You will surely be amazed at this woman’s unbelievable transformation. Thanks to her low-cost yet effective method, she managed to lose a staggering 64 lbs!

What’s even more amazing, she achieved this in just under a year.

Image via Facebook / Sarie Santiago

That woman is none other than Sarie Santiago, who was more than happy to share her secret.

On Facebook, Sarie revealed how she went from 191 lbs to 127 lbs!

Her secret? It’s not a ‘miracle’ cream or some intense workout program. Instead, she found the right discipline for her mind and body.

Based on what we’ve gathered from her post, Sarie has always been teased because of her weight. But instead of letting the critics get to her, she turned them into motivators instead!

Image via Facebook / Sarie Santiago

She enrolled at a gym in their area. After getting into a daily routine, Sarie then slowly changed her practices.

First, she completely cut off rice from her diet.

Every morning, she also takes warm water and a boiled egg for breakfast. And though it’s tough, she refrained from eating her favorite foods.

Sarie’s journey to lose weight was not easy, she said. It took consistency, discipline, and determination. Finally, all of her hard work paid off.

After eight months of following her routine, Sarie has observed amazing changes in her body, but she knows that she’s still halfway from her goal:

“I’m still in the midst of my journey and I am very proud of my progress, I don’t want to get big as this anymore, and to be able to do that I’ll keep reminding myself to work hard until I get a bucket of sweat, it fills out my happiness. “

Image via Facebook / Sarie Santiago

Because of her amazing fat-to-fab story, Sarie serves as a beacon of inspiration to other people out there who are also trying to shed some pounds.

SOURCE: Facebook