In Japan, You Can Hire Social Media Friends to Have a ‘Groufie’ With

They say money can’t buy friends. But if you want somebody who will have pictures with you that you can post on your social media accounts, money can help you have that.

Real Appeal, a company in Japan, offers a rather unusual service where customers can book fake friends who will pose with them for photos. The company promotes its services as a way to get back at an ex-lover.

Image from Family Romance

The idea behind this service is that a collection of photos showing yourself surrounded with friends is a proof of an active social life.

From a photo catalog, customers can choose their ‘friends’ according to their preferred age, gender, and even fashion sense. They can also book a staff to act as a love interest, to make someone jealous.

Image from Family Romance

Image from Family Romance

A ‘friend’ can be hired for a minimum of two hours at 8,000 yen, or at $72, each, to pose for photos together with the customer. Aside from that, the customer will also have to shoulder all expenses related to the scenario he wants to portray such as, but not limited to, food, drinks, transportation, etc.

Real Appeal is a subsidiary company of Family Romance, a company that provides fake significant others to accompany a customer in family functions.