Lemon Can Be Used in These 7 Surprising Ways

Lemon is a delicious fruit – and a favorite for juices and salads but did you know that lemon also has lots of other uses aside from being a food item? I’m quite amazed at the things I have discovered today and would surely buy a bunch of lemons the next time we go grocery shopping!

We share here some of the amazing things you can do with lemon. Prepare to be surprised! I bet you didn’t know that lemon can be used in this many ways…

Lemon as Lip Moisturizer

Photo credit: Healthy Panda
Photo credit: Healthy Panda

Did you know that lemon can be used as lip moisturizer? If you are experiencing cracked and flaking lips because of changes in the weather or for other reasons, simply put a drop of lemon juice on your lips before going to bed.

It will work wonders in the night! Repeat this for a few days for best results.

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