Husband Killed Wife Aboard a Cruise Ship Because ‘She Would Not Stop Laughing’ at Him

Kenneth Manzanares is facing murder charges for the death of his 39-year-old wife Kristy Manzanares — something he did because, apparently, she would not stop laughing at him.

The couple, together with several other family members, including their daughter, was aboard Princess Cruises ship when the incident took place. The ship was traveling from Ketchikan to Juneau, Alaska.

Princess said that a domestic spat occurred on the night of July 25, 2017, which resulted in Kristy’s death. Security and medical personnel responded to the incident and found the wife with a severe head wound. Blood was also spattered throughout the cabin.

Image from the Facebook account of Kristy Manzanares

Later on, the FBI was called on to investigate the case.

According to the affidavit of one witness, he saw Kristy lying on the floor while covered in blood. He asked Kenneth what happened and his only reply was that ‘she would not stop laughing at me.’

When Kenneth was being processed and searched by the FBI for physical evidence, he stated that he was over, causing the investigator to believe that he had probable cause for committing the murder.

Kenneth was not granted bail since he was considered a flight risk since he had no ties to the district and is now considered a threat to the community.

Source: ABC News