Homeless Man’s Loyal Dogs Waited Outside Hospital While He Receives Treatment

A homeless man who did not have any family with him was first pitied by the staff at the hospital, until their noticed that there were four dogs patiently waiting for him outside the facility!

It was around 3AM on a Sunday when the homeless man, only identified as César, entered Hospital Regional Alto Vale for treatment. He staggered into the emergency room to ask for help.

Photo credit: Cris Mamprim / The Dodo

The hospital staff were busy talking to the patient, asking him about his history and feeling sad after learning he was homeless. But they would soon realize he was not alone – and that he had a rather loving family waiting for him.

The ‘family’, however, are four loyal dogs who were standing at attention but still patiently (and rather quietly!) waiting for him outside the door of the facility.

Photo credit: Cris Mamprim / The Dodo

They are all well taken care of and chubby. Seeing them like that, waiting at the door, only shows how much they are cared for and loved,” said healthcare worker Cris Mamprim.

While César was not rich with material possessions and didn’t even have a family as he lived in the streets, it was heartwarming to see that these furry friends certainly treated him as family.

According to the health worker, they gave the homeless man some food while he awaits the completion of his treatment.

Surprisingly, he only ate a little of the food, then gave most of it to his dogs. It was no wonder that his four-legged best friends were so loyal to him – they certainly knew he loved them with all his heart.

Photo credit: Cris Mamprim / The Dodo

He has the best companions with him. I do not know what his life is like, or why he’s on the street, but I admire the respect and love he has for his little animals… If only everyone were like this,” the health worker continued.

Truly, this guy might not be financially comfortable but he’s got the love of his furry friends – and that makes him really rich!

Source: The Dodo