These Educators Definitely Inspired Their Students To The Core. #4 Got My Stomach Aching

If you think your teachers are too busy making lesson plans and checking test papers that they don’t have the time to irk people, then think again. This is a constantly changing world, and those old fashioned educators are not an exception. Of course they will always be the same info-feeding, knowledge-giving individuals they’re best known for, but they can be like your bully classmate who looves to see you getting pissed off. (*evil laugh*)

Photo Credit: 9 Gag
Photo Credit: 9 Gag

The shurbstitute treecher. This one really got me laughing.

Here are 20 situations where teachers turned the tables and trolled their students. You’ll never know, maybe your teacher can be a better ‘troll’ than you. (h/t: 9 Gag)

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