12 Comb Over Epic Fails

While Donald Trump is likely the comb over king, with his signature hair styles that ranges from corn to caterpillar memes, there are probably others out there who, though not Trump’s supporters in the 2016 presidential elections, extremely admire his way of ‘covering-what-needs-to-be-covered’ hairstyle. (The infamous ‘hair from the back of head combed over my completely bald head’ meme got me literally rolling on the floor laughing.) Lol.

Photo Credit: Caveman Circus
Photo Credit: Caveman Circus

A for effort!

From a swirl to a comb over bob to a mustache-connected-hair comb over,
here are 12 one-of-a-kind comb overs that would make you look for the best hair thickening shampoos and conditioners to avoid ever doing one of these ‘cover-ups’ in the future. (*evil grin*)

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