Helpless Wife Complains of Husband’s Lover Who Insults Her Online

Who’s helpless? Who’s hapless?

Recently, a distraught wife asked help from Raffy Tulfo’s “Wanted sa Radyo.” Mina Joy complained about her husband Josefino who was allegedly neglecting to pay child support. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

According to Mina, their fifteen years of marriage fell apart because of her husband’s infidelity. During the interview, Mina revealed that her unfaithful husband had fathered a child, who’s now a year old, with his mistress, Queen Sara.

To get their side, the program also interviewed Josefino and his alleged lover, Queen Sara.

In a vehement manner, the husband denied the allegations thrown at him. According to Josefino, his wife is the reason why their marriage is on the rocks.

Image via Youtube / Raffy Tulfo

Moreover, the husband also denied that he’s living in the same roof with his mistress. Queen Sara added that they are only communicating for the sake of their child. On the other hand, Mina exposed their lies and insisted that the two are living in together in Bulacan.

At this point, things started to get more heated.

As if coveting her husband is not enough, Mina revealed that the mistress is also taking away her rights as a wife.

Adding insult to 1njury, Queen Sara, Mina said, even had the audacity to taunt Mina on social media. This was the last straw which prompted Mina to seek help from Raffy Tulfo’s program.

Image via Youtube / Raffy Tulfo

This matter could have been resolved easily if only the mistress and the husband were cooperating. However, even the host Sharee Roman was triggered by the mistress’ aggressive tone.

“Una’t sapul ma’am ‘wag kayong mag-attitude ng ganyan kasi kabit po kayo nito at nanghihimasok kayo sa relasyon nila. Kasi kung tutuusin, ma’am, mag-asawa po ito eh, kayo lang ho ‘yung kabit.”

In the end, Mina decided to file charges against her husband and his lover.

Will the scorned wife finally get justice? Let’s find out at the next update of this segment.

SOURCE: Youtube