Heartbreaking Moment between Mother Monkey and Son, Captured in a Photo

Avinash Landhi, a professional photographer from Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh in India, captured, in a photograph, a scene where a mother monkey is holding her child who laid motionless and limp.

Avinash was taking photographs of a herd of monkeys in Jabalpur when his attention was caught by this mother and son.

The child monkey was able to regain consciousness after a few seconds and was soon back on his feet.

Image from Telegraph

“This picture is very close to my heart because throughout my entire photography career I have never seen anything like this,” Avinash said.

“This moment is rare, especially with animals.”

Earlier this year, the grief of a baby monkey who lost his mother in a road accident was also captured in a photograph. In this photo, the young monkey was seen weeping beside the body of his mother who was run over by a speeding vehicle on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka National Highway in India.

Image from Times of India

Witnesses said that the vehicle knocked down the older monkey while she was crossing the road. The child rushed to his mother side and tried to wake her up. It kept its ears on the mother’s chest as he seemed to be checking her heartbeat.

Source: Telegraph, The Times of India