20 Halloween Food Ideas To Top Your Halloween Party Off. #4 Will Freak You Out

A Halloween party will never be complete without food. And they shouldn’t be your normal, and average food: they should match all that creepy decorations, and terrifying costumes and make-up everyone is wearing. This is to keep the scary aura inside the party, right?

Photo Credit: smartschoolhouse.com
Photo Credit: smartschoolhouse.com

Add spook to your table with these ghost meringues.

So instead of your usual cake, cookies, fruits, or pasta, why not get more creative and serve a severed-hand cake, some finger cookies, small eyeball eggs, creamy cockroaches, or brain jello shots to turn your dining table into a completely haunted smorgasbord party. Now that’ll definitely give justice to your zombie look.

Here are 12 spine-chilling-yet-delicious food ideas you can serve. But beware though, not for the faint of heart.
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