Guy Works Four Jobs (Plus One Online Side Job!) to Marry His Girlfriend, Crazy or Cool?

Most people claim that they would do anything and everything for love – but how far would you really go to do that and prove your love, eh?

One guy in Malaysia recently went viral for working four jobs (plus one online side job!) so he could marry his girlfriend. Many people are saying he’s cool but others say he’s crazy! Which side are you on?

Photo credit: Twitter / @amnfdhl__

The young man, known only as Amin, took to Twitter to seek support from friends as well as netizens so he could better earn money to marry his girlfriend.

Photo credit: Twitter / @amnfdhl__

Amin posted on Twitter that he works five jobs to raise enough money for the wedding. Most days of the week, he works as rider for Food Panda from morning until early evening.

But his work does not end at dusk. Instead, as night falls he becomes a cellphone repair technician.

Photo credit: Twitter / @amnfdhl__

Late into the night, he would then sell drinks for Air Koko at Jalan Ikan Mas Cheras. However, if you wish to order (and you’re in the neighborhood), Amin volunteers to deliver the drinks to your home for a minimum order of 5 bottles, each worth RM5 ($1.20).

Photo credit: Twitter / @amnfdhl__

Aside from these three jobs he regularly does each day, Amin also works part-time during Saturdays at the clothes shop owned by his family.

Photo credit: Twitter / @amnfdhl__

And if he could squeeze some free time in between all those jobs, he also sells iPhones and other gadgets through an online store he set up on Instagram (@Pakcik Gadget).

Photo credit: Instagram / @pakcikgadget

This guy’s really determined to raise enough money for that dream wedding! We’re hoping he gets some rest, too, and that his girl would really appreciate his efforts to make her happy and give her the best wedding she could dream of…

Good luck, Amin!

Sources: World of Buzz, RachFeed