This Guy Photoshops Himself into Celebrities’ Famous Photos… With Awesome but Hilarious Results! You’ll Roar with Laughter at #9

You can find a lot of celebrities on social media these days – and many of them love to post photos for their fans to enjoy. It is their way of interacting with their fans and supporters. With the thousands of photos they post, there are a handful that become extremely viral not just among their own fans but with the rest of the world – and these are the photos that easily make you identify and remember these celebs, for they are too many these days, you know…

In his bid to become “the most famous dino in the world” (as if that is possible considering he’s human…LOL), actor and model Lorenz Valentino donned a dinosaur suit and Photoshopped himself into several photos of famous celebrities – and the results are actually quite awesome and hilarious!

People are now calling him as the “Lord of Photoshop” for his awesome editing skills, especially considering that many actually looked authentic!

His works are so good that one commenter wrote in jest, “No! He didn’t Photoshop himself into those celebrity photos! He was originally in all of them but was edited out. He’s now just releasing the originals!

Check out some of his famous works as the world’s most famous dino with the world’s most famous celebrities.

Photo credit: 9GAG
Photo credit: 9GAG

This wrecking ball is going to get wrecked. LOL.

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