Guy in Pajamas Gets Mistaken for Homeless Person, Gets Free Food from Kind Kids

Whether we admit it or not, we do tend to judge other people according to their appearance.

Many times that can be degrading to the ones we judge but for one guy mistaken for a homeless person, it was actually a funny experience.

John Sitchon (@theonlyjohntan) was just wearing his pajamas when he enjoyed breakfast at a McDonald’s outlet in Cebu. Because of the rather lazy getup, some ‘rich kids’ mistook him for a homeless person – and gave him some food!

He later shared the experience on Twitter, joking that this is a sure-fire way of getting free food.

He tagged the fast food’s Twitter account in his post.

People thought I was poor this morning @McDo_PH HAHAHAHAHAHAA – a thread,” the post started.

I drove to McDo in my pajamas and I looked rugged af. Ya boi looked like a hobo.”

It was already 10AM but Sitchon did not feel the need to dress up when he went to the fast food outlet; after all, he was just there for the food.

While he was enjoying his meal, Sitchon noticed a group of rich kids wearing Rolex watches and using iPhones enter the shop. They took their order near where he was munching on his breakfast.

McDo crew walks up to me with another serving of pancakes. I was like ‘What’s this for?’” he continued.

Photo credit: Business Insider

Then, the crew told him the meal was from the group of ‘rich kids’ he had seen ordering just a couple of minutes ago.

They said [to] give it to the homeless kid over there. ‘NO NEED TO SAY IT WAS FROM US,’” the crew revealed.


But while he was greatly amused by the gesture, he wasn’t the least bit offended by the group’s action. After all, if he had been a legitimate homeless person, that would have been a big gesture – and the group didn’t even want him to know the food came from them.

It seemed that these rich kids were really just doing a kind gesture towards what they thought was a poor kid.

He didn’t want to embarrass the kids; thus, he told the crew to thank them in his behalf.

But the big reveal was quite dramatic.

So now I finish, I bring my tray to the counter, I thank the crew and I thank the dudes.

They was (sic) shookt when I whipped out my car keys and drove through the entrance. I could see [their] stuck faces in awe.

All they could see was a face of a champ.

He ended the thread with a rather amusing lesson for everyone.


Wear pajamas

A number of people thought those rich kids got served for judging others by appearance but many agreed that they seemed to be genuinely generous guys.

Other netizens had a good laugh over the Twitter thread, saying they plan on wearing tattered pambahay and pajamas so they can get free food, too. LOL

When asked why he didn’t tell the kids that he wasn’t really a homeless person, he replied,

I guess I didn’t want to ruin it for them because I knew that the moment I tell them they’d feel betrayed and embarrassed of what they thought.

I wasn’t offended [by the gesture], it was as most people would say ‘funny’.

Source: Yahoo!