Grab Driver Receives Real Money from Strange Passenger, But These Turned into Leaves in His Wallet

Have you ever experienced strange things in your life that are difficult to explain by the known laws of nature? Some people claim that such experiences are things that happened in another dimension or proof that supernatural beings exist.

A Grab driver in Malaysia recently had a rather weird experience with a strange passenger who took a ride in his cab at around 7PM on November 10.

It was just a short trip and the fare only amounted to RM8 ($2) but the driver noticed that the passenger seemed rather strange, seemingly laughing to herself even if it appears that she was not talking to someone on the phone.

Photo credit: Top Gear / Grab Main

When he accidentally hit a pothole, the woman laughed hard. Creepy, right?

When she arrived at her destination, the woman gave him money and alighted the vehicle. The driver placed the money in his wallet but was surprised some minutes later to find eight pieces of leaves in his wallet.

How did the money turn into leaves?

Photo credit: @Nadnarcoti / Twitter

Some netizens think the woman was a ghost or some supernatural being who used the leaves as payment; they believe she used her magic to change the leaves into money.

Others think this is similar to the ‘budol-budol’, however, wherein the passenger had actually hypnotized the driver temporarily so he saw money when she actually paid with leaves.

Because this happened to a Grab driver, some netizens urged him to check the woman’s details but strangely enough, the driver could check the trip details but could not see the woman’s details or even check the rating he received for the trip.

Photo credit: @Nadnarcoti / Twitter

It’s now become a full-blown mystery whether the woman was a real person or not. What do you think?

Source: World of Buzz