Girl Earns Praise for Asking Photographer Not to Edit Fats from Her Pictures

These days, it really is so easy to look fit and beautiful. There are tons of apps and filters readily available on your phone – you don’t even have to have Photoshop skills to get those photos looking superb.

Sadly, this has led to lower self-esteem in many people, especially young people who feel that they need to look perfect for others to like them. With social media filled with photos of perfect-looking people enjoying perfect vacations with their perfect friends and family, it’s easy to understand why many feel down.

Photo credit: Twitter / MartinaaGozun

A young lady named Martina Gozun experienced the same thing in the past. She felt like she had to keep up with the other perfect people on social media, doing everything she could to look perfect even if that meant starving herself just to have a flat tummy.

Recently, Martina went viral for a post that celebrated her body, fats and all.

Photo credit: Twitter / MartinaaGozun

I asked Miguel to not edit my fats. I love how my body is right now and I never want to go back to that toxic mentality na I need to have a flat tummy to look good. It was toxic for me I’m not sure lang sa inyo ah but yeah grateful lang share ko lang :)” she wrote on Twitter.

A lot of people were quite impressed with Martina’s post. Many young ladies lauded her for accepting her body for what it is, despite the ‘bulging’ tummy.

‘Braso’ De Mercedes 😜✌🏼

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But others felt that Martina was just trying to attract attention, pointing out that she wasn’t even fat to begin with and that while her tummy wasn’t flat, it wasn’t actually bulging as she claims it to be. Hmmmm. What do you think?

Source: Twitter / MartinaaGozun