10 Giant Versions Of Your All-Time-Favorite Sweets, and Here’s How to Make Them

We’ve all had a sweet tooth as a child and I bet there are loads of chocolates and pastries that we crave to eat when we were a lot younger — and probably even now. Who doesn’t know Twix, or Mars, Ferrero Rocher, or Oreo cookies? I bet you still eat some of these on your cheat day, right? So how would you like to see a humongous Snickers lying on your table? I meant huge like a five-pounder? Or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup as big as your birthday cake? Won’t you drool? Well, I definitely would.

Watch the tutorial at GlitterForever17.

Here are 10 Colossal versions of your all-time-favorite chocolates that will satisfy the biggest cravings, armed with recipes on how to prepare them jumbo sweets. Try them at home and share with family and friends. (h/t: buzzfeed)

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