Get the Man and Woman of Your Dreams With These 5 Love Spells From Around the World

It’s the Valentine’s month and as much as you may want to disdain the thought of succumbing to the pressure of finding a love of your life, everyone cannot deny that it is lonely and pitiful to stay loveless especially on the heart’s day itself.

If you are one of the people who are willing to do anything just to attract Cupid in your direction, you may want to give these spells a try. Because why not? There is surely nothing to lose.

Hide Coins in Your Shoes

In Sweden, it is a superstitious belief that parents should place coins in the bride’s shoes to ensure a successful and loving union. The father should put a silver coin in the left shoe while the right shoe is reserved for a gold coin from the bride’s mother.

Eat More Salted Bread

Single ladies who are still looking for love are advised to eat salted bread in Armenia during the celebration of the patron saint of love, St. Sargis. Locals believe that once you consume a lot of salted bread, you will dream of your future boyfriend or husband, who will offer you water to hydrate yourself from consuming all the salt.

Give an Odd Number of Flowers

Men in Russia give flowers in odd numbers, which symbolizes respect and admiration in the country. Giving even number of flowers is reserved for funerals only and is often associated with bad luck.

Sit in the Middle

Although it is tempting to stay away from couples as much as you can, especially during Valentine’s Day, another superstition in Russia says that you should do the opposite and always sit in the middle of a couple. Hiding in a couple means you won’t get married for seven years.

Don’t Come Near Any Brooms

When you are in Haiti, try and stay away from brooms. It is believed that when your feet make contact with the broom’s bristles, you will never get the chance to be swept off your feet by the man or woman of your dreams.