10 Funny Laundry Signs. #6 Made My Head Spin

When we think doing the laundry is as easy as ABC, think again. Well, yeah, if there’s ‘mom’ to do it for us. But when we do it to a laundromat or a shared laundry like that of hotels on our own, we learn how to separate the whites from the colored clothes, choose the most appropriate detergent or fabric conditioner, ’empty the bin before putting in our clothes’, and wait for the last minute until it’s finally done washing. Why?

Because we don’t want to get into any laundry hoopla and receive these mad, sarcastic, passive aggressive, but undoubtedly hilarious kinds of notes.

Source: passiveaggressivenotes.com
Source: passiveaggressivenotes.com

It’s actually Mickey Mouse who made this post sweeter. 

Here are 10 funny laundry signs that will make you thank mom for the time she took care of your laundry . (Laugh out loud!)
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