Funny Facebook Photoshop Fails: When All You Want Is To Look Good

Without question, everyone wants the photo they upload online to be the best. They want to get the most numbers of likes they can get from friends or the public who’ll see the published photo. And with that being the case, people tend to do everything to look good in their pictures. And that includes Photoshop – the sharpest tool to conceal even your worst ‘liability’.

Everyone can look their best, thanks to this ‘holy grail’ of ‘perfectionists-who want-to-look-perfect-despite-the-obvious imperfections: the bulging tummy becomes a 6-pack, the normal behind becomes a sexy booty, and the saggy arm becomes a biceps. But what if the results revealed the horrible truth that your photos are, well, edited?

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Ohlala.. perfect curves.

Here are 10 of the funniest Facebook photoshop fails that are so embarassing they might end up deleting their photos altogether.

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