13 Funniest Drunk Pranks. #9 Is Epic!

At some point in people’s life, they learn and experience how to party hard.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re teenagers or adults who just want to have fun.  A night out with close friends definitely make alcohol very easy to consume — and people forget that every Tequila shot, or bottle of Budweiser make them lose a portion of their ‘saneness’. When people get drunk, they tend to do even the craziest things imaginable.

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Photo Credit: lolpranks.com

At least they made him look decent with the bow tie and all.

But be warned: you may get drunk, no  problem, but don’t dare pass out. Not around your equally drunk, crazy friends, that is.  Do you want to know why? We give you 13 people who dared, and suffered the embarrassing consequences of getting drunk and passing out.

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