Fun Filipino Games of Decades Past… Which Ones Have You Tried as a Kid? #22 is My Favorite!

Kids these days are often stuck at home, watching TV, surfing the web, or using their gadgets rather than playing outside with their friends – and we really can’t fault them or their parents because times have changed, after all.

It is difficult to simply let the kids play outside because aside from there being more fast cars and other vehicles that could hit them in the streets, there are also a lot of opportunists like kidnappers and various crooks who might victimize these innocent ones; thus, parents have to be extra careful when letting their kids out of their sight.

Does that mean the games we played in our youth back in the 1980s and 1990s have really become a thing of the past? Well, these games are still played in the barrios and provinces but even in these places, kids have taken to playing with gadgets as well.

Check out some of the fun Filipino games the kids of previous generations were able to play in their time. Which ones have you tried as a kid?

Photo credit: Batang Pinoy - Born in the 80s raised in 90s ツ
Photo credit: Batang Pinoy – Born in the 80s raised in 90s ツ

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