Four Abortions Led to a Woman’s Death as Husband Wants a Son

In the span of one year, a woman named Yueyue from the Shengang town of Wuhu, Anhui Province of China already had four abortions which, eventually, led to her death.

Image from Pixabay

In her first pregnancy, Yueyue gave birth to a baby girl who is five years old now. Her husband wants a son so they tried for another baby, wishing that it will be a boy.

Once she got pregnant, Yueyue’s husband asked her to have an ultrasound to find out the gender of the baby. When the result of the ultrasound showed that Yueyue is carrying a girl, she was asked by her husband to have an abortion.

This happened three more times and having four abortions within a year deteriorated Yueyue’s health and left her bedridden.

What’s even worse was that her husband immediately filed for divorce once he saw Yueyue situation. With no other choice, she signed the divorce document and used the settlement of 170,000 Yuan ($25,000) to seek medical help from Shanghai. However, the doctors could not do much about her situation. She, eventually, dies and left her young daughter.

After her death, Yueyue’s family, including her wheelchair-bound mother, brought her ashes to her husband’s home to confront him and seek some explanation about what happened to their relative. The husband, however, was nowhere to be found and was reportedly hiding in one of the neighbor’s house. He, apparently, bought a new car after the divorce and had plans to remarry.

Sources: Asiaone, Daily Mail