Former Adult Film Star Paige Jennings is Trying Her Luck on YouTube

You might remember Paige Jennings who goes by the name Veronica Vain in the adult film world. She quit her previous job as an intern at a firm in Wall Street then she started her career as an adult film actress because she can’t stop pleasuring herself at work and concluded that she loved to have sex so much that she wants to make it as a job.

Image from FoxNews

She didn’t think that making adult films was not as fun as she thought it would be.

“I really thought [adult films] would be my thing, but it wasn’t a world of fun, openness, and sexuality. It has its own rules and there were a lot of pros and cons I didn’t like,” says Paige in an interview with Fox News.

She has her own Patreon gaming page called ‘Red Head Redemption’ wherein she’s posting videos of all varieties from her life as an adult film actress, dating advice or her own take on current events. For now, she is focusing on her YouTube channel. Currently, her channel has more than 18,000 subscribers.

She said that she could make a comeback in making films but if she could have more control over how it was being made.

There’s a big part of me that likes porn, but it’s a business. They don’t fit into a box and neither do I. It was a combination of not wanting to be this brand and the income streams and workflow of being a porn star was boring to me. I didn’t feel like I fit in.”