Foreigner Moves to Manila to Save Filipino Women from Human Trafficking… They’re Now Selling the Cutest Animal Buddies Your Kids Will Surely Love!

A lot of people in the Philippines, especially women and children, are prime targets for human trafficking – mostly because of poverty. Illegal recruiters prey on their innocent minds, enticing them with gadgets and promises of a good job so they can help their families but they end up working as modern day slaves, sometimes even abused by their own bosses or made to do lewd things to pleasure online customers.

Thankfully, NGOs like the Visayan Forum Foundation (VFF) and their local counterparts have launched intensive campaigns against human trafficking to save potential victims. There are also social enterprises such as Mayown that provide livelihood for these potential victims, allowing them to earn a living within their community so they wouldn’t be easily attracted by the false promises of illegal recruiters.


Mayown founder and owner, Anneleen Van Dyck, moved to help save women from human trafficking. Starting with a team of 10 women in Pandacan, Manila, Leen taught them how to crochet so they can make stuffed animals and earn a living to support their family.

Leen of Mayown has partnered exclusively with the VFF on this endeavor. While the women found the job to be difficult at first, they were soon able to get the hang of it – and are now creating the cutest things you and your kids will surely love!

Photo credit: Facebook/Mayown

Mayown sells these crocheted stuffed toys on their Facebook page and online Shopify store. What’s so great about buying these items is that you are not just getting the cutest stuffed animals for yourself or your kids, you are also helping the disadvantaged women in the Visayan Forum community. It surely is a win-win situation, right?

First on the list: Colorful giraffes!

Photo credit and for orders/inquiries: Facebook/Mayown
Photo credit and for orders/inquiries: Facebook/Mayown

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