Forbes Releases List of “Top 11 Jobs Paying Over $100,000”

Are you thinking of changing careers this 2017 or simply curious about what jobs are paying a good amount of money for a particular skill? Then check out this list of “Top 11 Jobs Paying Over $100,000” as released by Forbes magazine.

Of course, your job might be similar to the ones on this list and you might not be receiving the same amount of money but the list takes into consideration data from – perhaps it would be wise to move abroad if your salary is just a fraction of the ones on this list but you’re doing the same thing, eh? A lot of professionals are doing that – and if you plan on that, we wish you good luck!

So, here’s the bottom-scraper on the list but definitely still a very attractive salary range:

#11 Equity Research Associate

  • Total median pay: $100,000
  • Median base salary: $85,000
Photo by Shutterstock
Photo by Shutterstock

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