20 People Who Got Rejected Via Text Message… I Feel Bad For The Guy In #7

When we really like a person, we try so hard to get noticed. And with the help of technology, some guts, and flirting techniques, we are able to send a signal to our ‘special’ someone about how we feel.. and are even able to test the water whether the feeling can be reciprocated or not. Some people get lucky, and succeed in getting positive responses. But for the not-so-lucky-ones, they get rejected. Some in subtle, polite kind of way. Others in hilarious slap in the face, downright rude cold shoulder approach.

Photo Credit: listcovery.com
Photo Credit: listcovery.com


Here are 20 hilarious flirting text fails that got in-your-face rejections as a response. I just hope these people get their confidence back. Lol!

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