Flight Attendants from an Airline in Vietnam Wear Bikini During Flight

Onboard an inaugural flight of VietJet Air going to a beach destination, passengers will be greeted by bikini-wearing stewardesses. It was also the attire of the flight attendants in a promotional video for the airlines, where young attendants are seen welcoming passengers. The girls were also wearing the red and yellow bikinis, which also happened to be VietJet’s official colors, in a photo shoot for a calendar for the airlines.

Image from the Facebook Account of VietJet Air

The only privately-owned air carrier in Vietnam, VietJet  Air was founded by its Chief Executive Officer who also happens to be Southeast Asia’s first woman billionaire, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao.

The first budget airline in Vietnam was launched in December 2011, giving the nationally-owned carrier, Vietnam Airlines, a run for its money because of its innovative and controversial publicity and marketing stunts.

Image from Viva Lifestyles and Travel

One of such marketing tricks is its bikini-clad stewardesses that led to VietJet becoming known as the ‘bikini airline.’

Image from Siberian Times

According to the CEO, she considers wearing of bikini as a sign of women empowerment in a conservative society. While the ladies make the call between wearing the bikini or the traditional uniform, the majority of them choose to wear the bikini.

Image from Izismile

The CEO has reportedly stated that she does not mind that people associate the airline with the bikini image, as long as people are happy by doing so.

Image from Fox News

Source: Mid-day.com