Flight Attendant Adopts Dog Who Keeps Waiting for Her Outside the Hotel Even When She’s Out of the Country!

Her work as a flight attendant brings her to different cities of the world, particularly in Germany and Argentina, for weeks at a time but Olivia Siever didn’t have inkling that she would soon find a dog and get to bond with him in one of these trips.

In one of her stays in Argentina, she befriended a street dog. She gave him some food and played with him for a while before she went back to the hotel. Knowing that this was a street dog and might follow her to the hotel, she tried taking a different path to the hotel and hide from the dog but its keen sense of smell easily tracked her to the correct hotel.

Photos by Olivia Sievers / Facebook
Photos by Olivia Sievers / Facebook


rubio 3

Every day since then, she had a loyal Hachiko waiting outside the hotel door. Of course, she couldn’t stay for long in Argentina but on the days that she was there, she made most of her time by taking a walk and playing with the dog she would come to call Rubio.