Fidget Spinner Explodes on an American Boy’s Face

John Harris, a father from Flowood, Mississippi, shared on Facebook how a combination of fidget spinner, compressed air, and a trick gone wrong resulted in a deep, bloody gash on his son’s face.

His post, according to him, also serves as a warning to parents as to the potential danger the innocent-looking toy has.

Apparently, he was playing with the fidget spinner by spraying compressed air to make it spin on its own faster.

When the toy could not handle the pressure anymore, the plastic on it suddenly exploded and hit the face of John’s son, Ian, resulting in deep, bloody gash above his upper lip, fortunately, missing his eyes.

Image from Pixabay

They immediately brought Ian to the hospital. In the emergency section, the boy received 30 stitches in total—27 inside his lip and 3 outside.

In his post, John said that he is sharing their experience so no else would have the same stupid idea that he had. He added that they were lucky the shrapnel missed Ian’s eyes because it could have been so much worse.

John was, apparently, trying out a trend where people use compressed air to propel their fidget spinners to spin like crazy.

Source: Asiaone