Father Defends His Decision to Use Leash on His ‘Wild Child’

Thirty-four-year-old father of three Clint Edwards, owner of the parenting blog ‘No Idea What I’m Doing’ recently took to Facebook his defense of a parenting practice which some netizens took negatively.

Clint has a 3-year-old daughter, Aspen, whom he also refer to as his ‘wild child’.  Since February of this year, he and his wife decided to use a child-leash for their daughter while they were on a crowded, public places. A backpack with a tether is worn by Aspen to keep her within the reach of her parents but, at the same time, it allows her to move around freely.

Image from Hiptoro

Aspen’s curiosity often drives her to explore whatever catches her attention and yanking her while she tries to escape would cause her joint to pop out. This is because the little girl is prone to Nursemaid elbow, a condition when her elbows get easily dislocated.

However, when the couple first used the leash with Aspen while they were vacationing at Disney World, they received snide remarks from onlookers and judgmental looks from other parents. Through his Facebook post, he assured everyone that using a leash is the safest solution for their daughter.

He also said that he and his wife were not planning to use the leash within six months since they are hoping that Aspen will grow out of her unpredictable ways and, in time, will respond better to verbal instructions.

Source: HipToro