Father and Son Took the Same Photo Every Year… The Last One was Unexpected and Really Had Me Smiling! So Cute!


It always feels great to see the close bond of a father and his son – and such is even made more wonderful by photos! This is the reason why we enjoyed looking through these photos of a father and his son, taken every year – for 29 years!

It is so cute how dad still looked so young in the first photo, taken in 1986, while his son was still a baby. The charming little boy was even looking at the camera! This really is one of the best snapshots in the photo series.

Each photo shows slight differences from the previous ones – and it was easy to see that these were taken as the years progressed because the child could be seen growing and dad not only sported different hair styles but also grew obviously older.

But just when you think the photos were getting boring (because they often had the same pose), they give a surprising twist to their photo series… This is so cute! They really did save the best for last…

Check out their yearly photos… I bet you’ll also be surprised with the last one!

1986Photo credit: Reddit
Photo credit: Reddit

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