Fat Guy Impresses Netizens with Awesome Badminton Skills, Plays for Professional Team

When it comes to sports, what immediately comes to mind are fit and slim, young athletes who are quick on their feet and are generally in the best of health. They do have to be fit and slim to move fast, no matter what sport they might be playing in.

But one guy in Indonesia has broken stereotypes these past years because he’s a fat guy who rules the badminton court!

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In posts he makes on YouTube as he shared his passion in badminton, Indonesian-native Hanri Yustanto enjoys making fun of himself in the captions.

Fatboy Make Court Earthquake, But Have A Amazing Skill Play Like A Pro Badminton!! Unbelievable!!” is just one of the titles he chose for a video he posted on YouTube. Asked why he does that, Yustanto shrugs and says it was the truth, anyway.

Photo credit: Shuttlers

Plus, Yustanto really enjoys seeing the surprise in people’s faces as they watch him play in the court. After all, he doesn’t look athletic at all and would probably pass off as some athlete’s best friend who was there to provide support during the game.

Born in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Indonesia, the now 28-year-old Yustanto shared that he started playing badminton at the tender age of 5. But even though he was athletic, he struggled with his weight throughout his childhood and even up to adulthood.

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Despite being overweight, however, Yustanto loved badminton so much that he continues to play the sport. Because he’s really so good in this sport, he began training in a club when he was 9 years old.

He was vulnerable to injury yet he wasn’t scared about playing in the court. Even though he is huge, he still easily gets around the court during the game, surprising many opponents.

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He weighs 150 kg (330 lbs), nearly twice the weight of guys his age, but this young man was determined to make the most of his life and break stereotypes.

In 2000, he played for Indonesia’s professional badminton team, Pusdiklat Sumber Mas Samarinda. He won many tournaments with the team before retiring in 2007.

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Still, the young man loves the game to this day; so, he continues playing for recreation with his friends. He posted a video on YouTube and was surprised when it went viral. This led to Yustanto becoming a vlogger, sharing some of his best moves in the badminton games he played with friends.

Many people just could not believe that a fat guy like him had such awesome badminton skills!

Source: Shuttlers