Famous People Who Have Suffered Tragic Meltdowns

A lot of us – and maybe some people we love, have gone through it. Meltdowns. It’s when circumstances just get so overwhelming that we somehow just snap if only to rest. Some survive through it, some cope, but some don’t. Celebrities are no exceptions.

With the high demands of their work and the extra pressure of being in the public’s eyes, celebrities are understandably prone to having meltdowns.

Here are some of the celebrities who have experienced tragic meltdowns – from being caught DUI, to being in court hearings or in jail, to throwing a violent or sexist fit in public or towards the media, to going bald – these celebrities have had it tough.

Consequences also varied for them from jail time to loss of career and even restrictions from their immediate family. While some have coped well or are well on their way to healing or have fully rehabilitated, some still struggle and are caught somewhere in between.

Amanda Bynes

Photo credit: ET Online
Photo credit: ET Online

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