Family Lets 10-Year-Old Girl Get iPhone, But Makes Her Sign Contract with Terms & Conditions

These days, smartphones have really become a necessity to many people. And while the cheapest Android phones could actually do the job in terms of making calls, using Facebook, and connecting to the internet, it is also true that you could do more with high-end brands and units.

The iPhone is one of the most coveted smartphones. iPhones are very expensive yet many people still line up each year to get their hands on the latest model; many kids still wish their parents would give them one.

Photo credit: Twitter / @farhasaiful_

A 10-year-old girl in Malaysia went viral after her family allowed her to get an iPhone this year, but only if she signs a carefully drafted contract that came with 12 terms and conditions.

Elder sister Farha shared photos of her younger sibling, Yasmine, poring over the contents of the contract. But she had a good laugh over her sister’s serious face.

Photo credit: Twitter / @farhasaiful_

According to Farha, her sister had actually saved up money to buy a Nintendo Switch. The younger girl did extra chores for extra allowance but later changed her mind about the gadget, choosing the iPhone, instead.

The contract was drafted twice and was advised by three people to ensure that the terms were reasonable. I would also like to add that she usually has to save to get anything she wants such as books and stationery,” Farha revealed.

She saved up for two years to buy herself a Nintendo switch and got the money from mopping, vacuuming and helping with daily laundry.

But their father, Saiful Bahar Mahfudz, knew he had to set limits. So, the contract was drafted. The family allows Yasmine to use the iPhone as along as she follows the terms and conditions in the contract.

Photo credit: Twitter / @farhasaiful_

What’s in the contract, anyway? Here are the 12 terms and conditions written on that piece:

  • Perform morning prayers
  • Charge the phone only until it is full and unplug it immediately after
  • Never let the phone battery die, as this may reduce the battery’s performance
  • Never use mum and dad’s phone
  • Never bring it to the toilet
  • Never bring it to school
  • Never use it at the dining table
  • Ask for permission before downloading any applications
  • I am responsible for any data usage. I will not ask for any additions if I’ve used up my internet quota unless it is gifted to me
  • Read the Quran every day or minimum six times a week
  • Never call friends when I’m out with family
  • Never skip tuition (school)

Farha shared that though the contract looks informal, it will actually be firmly imposed. She knew that from first-hand experience after their dad took her laptop for 3 months after she broke the terms & conditions on her contract.

Photo credit: Twitter / @farhasaiful_

I love this family! Would you also do this to your kids?’

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