19 Pranks Random People Do That Are So Evil I Cried Laughing

Pranks are typically practical jokes or mischievous act inflicted on someone (1) for a good laugh, (2) to irritate someone you dislike, or (3) just because you’re too bored doing nothing. A squeaky cushion under a colleague’s chair is a prank, a phone call made to a friend pretending you’re a police officer is a prank, dressing up like a ghostly apparition to scare people is a kind of prank too.

Photo Credit: distractify.com
Photo Credit: distractify.com

Balloon invasion

As the world evolves and develops, pranks progress as well.  A squeaky cushion becomes a childish prank and more daring antics materializes. We compiled some of the popular pranks from the internet that are so ‘evil’ it will make your jaw hurt laughing.
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