Due to Her $3.7M Debt, Chinese Woman Undergoes Surgery to Change Her Appearance to Avoid Arrest

A 59-year-old woman identified as Zhu Najuan from the central Chinese city of Wuhan tried to evade her debt amounting to 25 million yuan ($3,714,434) by undergoing plastic surgery and transform the way she looks.

Police were, reportedly, astonished as they apprehended the woman who fled to China’s southeastern city of Shenzhen as soon as she was ordered by the court to pay off her debts and plans to start a new life there.

Image from China Daily

A policeman was quoted saying that Zhu looked different from the photos that they had.

When arrested, Zhu has admitted that she used other people’s identity cards as she travels across the country through high-speed trains and that she financed her plastic surgery using other people’s bank cards.

Police were able to arrest Zhu by following a tip, though they were, initially, unsure if they have the same person. Apparently, the person they were about to arrest looked several decades younger than Zhu’s real age of 59.

Image from Xinhua

Though she was already arrested, it still remains unclear at this time how Zhu will be able to pay off her debts.

China is currently on a mission to crack down on people who avoid paying off their debts. In the city of Wuhan alone, where Zhu lives, officials have already detained more than 186 people this year due to debt avoidance.