Doing Calculus at Age 3, 14-Year-Old Boy Finishes College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics

Hardly old enough to vote or to have a driving license, 14-year-old Carson Huey-You became the youngest person to receive a bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University.

Carson finished his undergraduate chapter with a Physics degree and minors in Mathematics and Chinese. He is already planning to get a master’s degree in Quantum Mechanics and follow it up with a doctorate. Aside from that, the 14-year-old boy also plans to teach and test some of his ideas.

Image by Louis DeLuca/The Dallas Morning News via AP

His mother, Amy Peterson, knew early on that her son is exceptional when he began to take an interest in Calculus at the young age of three.

Homeschooled as a young child, Carson was ten years old when he graduated as a valedictorian in high school.

Behind all of these, Carson describes himself as a regular dude. He enjoys the company of friends his age and likes to read ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ He plays chess and checkers, and enjoys building and adventure game, ‘Minecraft.’ In his leisure time, he hangs out with his two younger brothers and plays with the dog they named after 1985 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Klaus von Klitzing.

He will start with his master’s degree next year at the same university. However, he will not be the youngest student anymore because his 11-year-old brother will be taking up Astrophysics as a freshman in the same school.

Source: Star-Telegram