Dog Rushed to Hospital Along with Dying Owner… Howled in Anguish When the Old Man Died

In what could only be concrete proof that dogs are man’s best friends, one rushed to the hospital along with its dying owner who suffered a heart attack. The dog, named Saicy, refused to get out of the vehicle; thus, the rescuers and the man’s family did not force her out since they were anxious to make sure the old man reaches the hospital ASAP.

Outside the emergency room at Davao Doctors Hospital in Davao City, southern Philippines, the dog patiently waited; though it would bark at times as the door prevented her from being with her master. Sadly, the old man who was later identified as Elenito Bandayanon, passed away.

Seeing the dog’s dedication to its master, the hospital staff allowed it to enter the room when Bandayanon died. Saicy immediately placed her paw on her master but she must have realized he was gone because she howled in anguish.

Photos of the loyal dog would soon go viral on social media after a nurse reliever working at the hospital shared the touching story.

Photo credit: Facebook / Arvin Ceria
Photo credit: Facebook / Arvin Ceria

Arvin Ceria works at a separate facility, at the Metro Davao Medical and Research Center (MDMRC), but was transporting a patient to the hospital when he chanced upon the dog waiting at the ER. Upon learning its story, he took some snapshots and shared it on Facebook.

The post had gone viral, also attracting the attention of the late old man’s family. Bandayanon’s stepson messaged Ceria, thanking him for the touching photo. The stepson revealed that although the dog had only been with them for 4 years, Saicy and the old man were inseparable.

During the old man’s wake, Saicy took to sleeping beneath his coffin as if seeking comfort and trying to be near her owner even in his death.