Dog Patiently Waits for Owner’s Return for 3 Years, Without Realizing He Would Never Come Back

Hachiko is a popular dog from Japan who had remarkable loyalty to his owner. He patiently waited at Shibuya train station in Tokyo for the return of his owner for more than nine years after his owner’s death.

Eighty two years later here comes Fu Shi, a very cute dog who was adopted by an old lady from Busan, South Korea. They both lived happily in her house; however, three years ago, his owner suffered brain hemorrhage which eventually led to dementia. She was sent to a nursing home to be taken care; however, she could not take Fu Shi with her.

Image from OddityCentral

Since then, Fu Shi waited for his owner at the corner of the alley to her house. Neighbors would see him sit all day and when the darkness came, he would come home to their now-abandoned house and curl up in his owner’s bed to keep warm.

The sad thing about the characteristics of our dogs is they will never understand the death of their owners and that they will never come back.

Fu Shi survived through these years without his owner because of the food that their neighbors left for him even since his owner was gone. Though they fill up his stomach, they couldn’t do anything to fill up the emptiness and sadness that Fu Shi’s feeling; so, one of the neighbors contacted an animal rescue facility.

Image from OddityCentral

Thankfully, Fu Shi already found a new home and his new parents changed his name to ‘Sky’.