Dog Helps a Drug Addict Turn His Life Around… And They’re Famous Now as the Man and His Puppy ‘Son’

Instagram sensation Topher Brophy and his puppy ‘son’ Rosenberg are going famous on social media for their adorable photos showing them in matching outfits – and people who see them say that Rosenberg does look a lot like Topher! But did you know that Rosenberg is truly an angel sent to Topher?

Two years ago, Topher was struggling with drug addiction and didn’t see any meaning or purpose left in his life. He lacked any emotional connection with anyone and was often left with an empty feeling inside.

But adopting a dog changed it all.

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By continually putting Rosenberg’s needs before my own, I am more self-aware and constantly focused on making other people happy. Having a son, I now feel a connection to every living being in the world,” he recalled.

Our personalities are actually more alike than the way we look. Rosenberg and I consider ourselves so lucky to have found each other and [we] are on a mission to spread love, compassion, kindness, and understanding to as many people as possible.

People keep telling Topher that Rosenberg looks a lot like him that he could be his son! So, out of fun, they began dressing up in matching outfits – and the tandem of the man and his puppy ‘son’ was born. It was well received on social media and the two are surely going places – but more importantly, Topher found new meaning and purpose to his life now that he has a ‘son’ to take care of…

Check out their photos as ‘father’ and ‘son’. You’ve got to admit they do look alike!

Even their eyes have the same color!

Photo credit: Instagram/@topherbrophy
Photo credit: Instagram/@topherbrophy

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