Doctor Saves Poor Baby’s Life for Free, Inspires Child to Become a Doctor to Help Others

It is a sad fact that if you don’t have money, you would have little access to proper medical care. This especially holds true in the Philippines and even in other countries as well. Even when there are a number of public hospitals and clinics, many of these are not equipped to handle many cases.

Seventeen years ago, a sickly baby was in and out of hospitals due to her condition. Dr. Maribel Du, a pediatric surgeon from University of Cebu Medical Center in Cebu City, told the baby’s parents that she needs to be operated on to remove the cyst on her chest to save her life.

With just Php40 in her wallet, all the child’s mother could do was cry, knowing she didn’t have the means to save her daughter’s life. But the doctor felt for this mother and her baby.

Dr. Du saved the poor baby’s life for free!

Meeting the doctor who saved her life, 17 years later
Photo credit: Twitter / Arabelle Garciano

Today, the child is now a senior high school student at the Tagbilaran City High School. The girl, Arabelle Garciano, shared the heartwarming story on her Twitter account, thanking the doctor for saving her life.

But what was even more inspiring is that the girl was so thankful for the second chance she had at life that she planned on also becoming a doctor so she could help others in need. A doctor had given her that second chance seventeen years ago – she plans on also doing the same thing for many others in the future.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Photo credit: Twitter / Arabelle Garciano

17 years ago, a sickly baby needed an operation because she has a cyst on her chest. The mother only has ₱40 on her wallet. But this doctor operated the child. For free.

And that is why I need to become a doctor. I need to share the same kindness I was lucky enough to receive.

The kindness of one doctor saved one kid’s life, and this kid plans on becoming a doctor to save more lives! That’s the best story we’ve heard in days! Truly, that’s the beautiful essence of paying it forward…

God bless you, both!

Source: Twitter / Arabelle Garciano