DFA Confirms Reports: 17 Pinoys in Saudi, Taken into Custody after Riyadh Halloween Party

Over the weekend, social media was abuzz over reports that around 17 or 19 Pinoys were taken by the cops after they attended a Halloween party in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Such gatherings and celebrations are against the law in the highly religious Muslim country.

On Tuesday, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) confirmed the reports and revealed that there were 17 Filipinos now being held at the Al Nisa Jail in Riyadh, not 19 as was earlier reported by a number of news outlets.

According to Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Adnan Alonto, Embassy officials have been requesting access to the detained Filipinas since [the incident] was reported on Friday,” the DFA added, reports ABS-CBN News.

Photo credit: Eye of the Tiber [party sample only]

According to the reports, police stormed the gathering after they received reports that there was a party at the compound and the partygoers were rather loud.

As of press time, it was unknown whether the neighbors knew that the party had a Halloween theme but the noise was their primary concern; thus, the party was reported to the police.

The reports revealed that the party organizers have been charged with holding an event without securing proper permits and for disturbing the neighborhood with the event.

It is unclear, however, what charges the 17 Filipinos who attended the party will be facing and whether they would be deported over the incident.

Photo credit: Pique News Magazine [party sample only]

To ensure that this will not happen again, especially because Halloween season isn’t over yet, the DFA reminded Pinoys in Saudi to refrain from organizing or attending events that are against Saudi laws. Such events include religious (non-Muslim) gatherings and parties such as those for Christmas and Halloween.

Pinoys in the Kingdom are also reminded to adhere to the laws and traditions of the place to avoid getting into trouble.

Source: GMA News