Deep-Sea ‘Ghost’ Scares Netizens But Scientists Reveal its Identity as a Rarely Sighted Dumbo

It is Halloween season and netizens love finding scary things off the internet – and what better way to scare yourself than to search for ghost stories and videos, eh?

But photos of a deep-sea ghost that first scared netizens would soon make them laugh after a team of scientists revealed that the scary thing was actually a rare dumbo octopus!

Photo credit: EVNautilus / YouTube

Scientists from the non-profit Ocean Exploration Trust were on board E/V Nautilus, an exploration vessel, to explore Davidson Seamount in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of California.

Photo credit: EVNautilus / YouTube

They dispatched an underwater robot named ROV Hercules to explore the area, providing them with live video under the sea.

Photo credit: EVNautilus / YouTube

At a depth of about 3,300 meters, the robot suddenly encountered a ghost-like creature that came gliding across the water, eerily swimming into view.

In the dark water, it appeared to be rather scary – and ordinary netizens would have quickly swam away from the creature (if they were diving that deep!) but the ‘ghost’ delighted the group of scientists on board the exploration vessel.

Photo credit: EVNautilus / YouTube

On the live video, they could be heard exclaiming in delight as they spotted the creature. It turns out to be a species of dumbo octopus. With the dumbo octopus living in the deep sea, ranging from 1000 to 4800 meters deep, they are rarely spotted by humans; thus, the creature first appeared to be a ghost in the video.

Photo credit: EVNautilus / YouTube

Oh oh oh oh, look! We’ve got a little octopus up in the column there,” a scientist exclaimed.

That’s a dumbo!” another one said.

The little guy even seemed to ‘show off’ as it slapped its fins and swam away from the camera, allowing the team to have a clear shot of the suckers under its fin.

Photo credit: EVNautilus / YouTube

The scientists wished they had more time to study the elusive creature but they had move on to other parts to explore more deep sea mysteries.

We’ve only got about 30 more seconds,” one scientist sighed.

I’ll take every second I can get with this guy,” another one could be heard saying.

Do you think this ‘ghost’ is cute? Awwwww.

Sources: The Dodo, Global News