‘Dead’ Son Calls Father Days after His Burial

On May 6, 2017, a body of a dead man was found behind a phone store in Fountain Valley, California. The Coroner’s Office identified the body as that of a 57-year-old, Frank M. Kerrigan.

Frank’s father, 82-year-old Frank J. Kerrigan together with his other children, buried the remains of their relative following a $20,000-funeral ceremony attended by about 50 people from areas as far as Las Vegas and Washington State. The body was interred at a cemetery in Orange, 50 meters away from the final resting place of Frank senior’s wife.

Image from AP

John Kerrigan gave the eulogy for his brother, Frank, who is mentally ill and had been living on the street.

Convinced that it was the face of his son that he is looking at for the last time, the grieving father touched the hair of the man in the casket and said that he did not know how his dead son would look like.

The funeral took place on May 12. However, on May 23, the father received a call from a friend saying that his son, Frank, was actually alive. He asked the caller to put his son on the phone.

He said, ‘Hi, Dad!’”, Frank said.

Apparently, the Coroner’s Office misidentified the body. The Orange County Sheriff Department is currently conducting an investigation on how the body was misidentified. A review of all identification processes and procedure will also take place following the said mix-up.

Source: News.com.au