Daughter Sold Everything So Her Mother Could Get Treatment for Her Terminal Cancer

Back in 2015, Lisa Harris was told that her ovarian cancer was terminal and she only has two more years to live. In January of this year, doctors told her that she only has 8 weeks to live.

Lori, her daughter, searched for ways in an attempt to prolong her mother’s life. She encountered an article about immunotherapy, a pioneering treatment which is not available in the United Kingdom.

Image from Hiptoro

Every three weeks since February, Lori and Lisa have been traveling to Stuttgart, Germany to undergo immunotherapy treatment which costs £25,000 ($32,000) each session.

Fortunately, doctors said that the treatment reduced the size of tumors in Lisa’s body. Lori said that her mother is almost in remission and she could get her into remission sooner, if only she had the money.

Both the mother and the daughter have sold their cars and their house. Lori has a £50,000 ($65,000) debt herself and has nothing more to sell to fund her mother’s treatments but she will never give up. Her mother means more anything she could ever own, she added.

Image from Hiptoro

She, then, launched a GoFund Me page to help her raise funds for her mother. The loving daughter said that all her efforts are towards raising money for her mother to compete the treatments.

Source:  Hiptoro