Customers Buy Out Donut Shop Every Morning, So Owner Can Spend Time with Sick Wife

The loyal customers of a donut shop have come together to help the old owners spend time with each other – and their kind deed has gone viral, gaining praise from people around the world.

Both refugees from Cambodia, John and Stella Chhan had opened Donut City in Seal Beach, California over three decades ago. The couple personally manned the shop and would soon gain a number of loyal customers.

Photo credit: CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

As the decades passed, their customer base grew – and everyone was used to seeing the two behind the counter.

Recently, however, many were concerned when it was just John inside the shop and he would sometimes tell customers to buy a dozen donuts so he could sell out the items much faster. He told customers that his wife was in the rehabilitation center after suffering from aneurysm.

Photo credit: CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

After learning this, customers didn’t need to be told to buy a dozen donuts every time they stop by the shop. Many also made sure to encourage their friends to buy early in the morning so that John can visit his wife.

Word soon spread in the community – and people began to visit the shop as soon as it opens, buying boxes of donuts. By 8AM, most of the donuts are sold out and John is ready to go to the rehabilitation center to be with his wife!

Photo credit: CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

It was truly sweet how the community worked together to help the old couple.

Some well-meaning customers offered to open a GoFundMe campaign for them, so John wouldn’t have to open shop at all but he refused. He said that he wants to sell the donuts and just needed help in getting them sold early so he could be with his wife. For John, what’s really important is that he gets to spend more time with his wife. Isn’t that sweet?

Source: Next Shark