16 Cropped Photos That Changed The Actual Story. #4 Is Epic!

While photoshop is the sharpest tool to conceal a person’s worst ‘liability’, photo cropping, a simple but equally powerful alternative, can also bring out a different perspective into an image. While photoshopping involves removing, adding, enhancing angles, colors, lights, or even backgrounds to create an artistic, almost-perfect picture, cropping preserves the image’s natural features, but takes away unwanted ‘parts’ of the photo.

Photo Credit: oddee.com

This is definitely not the right way to crop this poor kid’s photo.

But the process can also send misconception; like for example, a decent photo cropped at a naughty angle can look ‘dirty’, or a cropped face can look far different from a whole body shot.

Here are 16 cropped photos that can send you rolling on the floor laughing.

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