20 Cringeworthy Dirty Pick-Up Lines That Went Straight To The Point

While there are guys who find it hard to flirt with the girls they like or with any girl in general, there are a few (or who knows there might be a lot of them, lol) who are blessed with tons of self-confidence. And these few are so overflowing with guts that they can even try to hit on girls anytime they want!

Whether or not they get what they want, it’s still ridiculously unbelievable that some guys would actually throw absurdly dirty messages to try to score on a girl, and they can even go straight to the point! Testing the waters at its glorious best, right?

Photo Credit: hit107.com
Photo Credit: hit107.com

Here are 20 times men tried to pull it off on women with the silliest/dirtiest pick-up lines. Each attempt made me cringe.
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